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About itQuartz

itQuartz is a utility displaying current Internet Time in Dock for Mac OS X

Displaying information contains current Internet Time, date in Internet Time and usual formatted time.

System Requirement

itQuratz needs Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Ժ10.1.2 or later is recommended)

Functions of itQuartz

itQuartz has following functions:


You can download the latest itQuratz from following link.

About Internet Time

"Internet Time" created by Swatch is a new time measure for Internet. In Internet Time, a day is sliced to 1000 time slots. A time slot is called "beat".

You can learn about Internet Time in following web sites:

Bug reports and Requests

Please send bug reports and your requests for itQuartz to following addresses. But understand that I can't promise fix reported bugs and satisfying your requests for itQuartz. Thank you.



When you use this software, You are required accepting following conditions.


You can freely re-distribute public released itQuartz to anyone but must specify the modification when you modified part/whole of itQuartz package.

You can not re-distribute itQuartz for tester release. You can identify tester version of itQuartz by version number including "txx" suffix.(ex. "1.0t0")


Special Thanks

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